North Texas Sleep Disorders Center

A Center of Excellence of Methodist Neurology Associates


Our Services

We provide comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for patients who have sleep disorders.  We perform overnight diagnostic studies in our sleep laboratory Monday through Friday nights.

Diagnostic Studies in the Sleep Laboratory

  • Overnight diagnostic polysomnograms
  • Daytime diagnostic polysomnograms for patients who are daytime sleepers
  • Overnight CPAP and bilevel CPAP titration studies to determine optimal treatment settings
  • Multiple sleep latency testing for the diagnosis of narcolepsy
  • Maintenance of wakefulness testing to determine that treatment has adequately relieved excessive daytime drowsiness

Out of Center Sleep Diagnostic Testing

  • Home sleep studies for diagnosis of sleep apnea

Treatment and Follow Up

  • Downloads of CPAP systems to evaluate their continued effectiveness and identify problems
  • Adjustment of CPAP settings to optimize therapy
  • CPAP clinic to troubleshoot problems with masks
  • Prescriptions and monitoring of medications for insomnia, restless legs, daytime drowsiness, and other sleep problems